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Find contact phone numbers, emails and more for the most popular UK courier companies

This should be your first stop to find the right contact details for any UK courier company in the UK.
The contact numbers on this page can be used to reach the individual courier companies and speak with a human being. This is really important if you are having issues with deliveries of your parcels, or if you are looking to create a new order for your parcel to be delivered. Sometimes when you are waiting for a parcel, all it takes is a quick call to fix your issue.
There are more than just courier contact numbers on this website, we also include email addresses where possible, and also opening times so you know exactly when to get in touch with each courier company. Then all you need to do is find the most appropriate phone numbers on this site and you will get connected to their call centres and you will be put through to a real human.

How to complain if your parcel doesn’t turn up or is late?

In the event that your bundle is late or doesn’t turn up, your rights shift contingent upon the sort of conveyance you paid for. Here’s the way to grumble to the retailer or request a discount.

In this guide

1 Make an undelivered merchandise protestation
2 Already whined? Get a discount
3 Made it evident at the time? Get a discount
4 Refund for coordinated conveyance
5 Get remuneration
6 Don’t need it any longer? Cross out your request



1 Make an undelivered merchandise protestation
Your initial step ought to be to contact the retailer specifically to make a protestation that your bundle has not been conveyed and ask for they make a move to cure the circumstance.
The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says that unless a particular time period is concurred for conveyance, the retailer must convey them inside 30 days of when you submitted your request.
In the event that the retailer doesn’t follow these prerequisites, you have to give them a further due date to convey by. The measure of time you offer must be ‘proper in the conditions’ thus will rely upon the specific thing you have requested and why you require it.
You ought to plainly clarify that the conveyance is late, and recommend a sensible date for re-conveyance. On the off chance that you offer a short due date in light of the fact that there’s a squeezing motivation behind why you require it rapidly, you ought to clarify this in however much detail as could be expected.
Whining to the retailer might be sufficient to goad them into conveying your request. If not, you can get a positive conveyance date by setting aside a few minutes of the quintessence to your agreement.
Apparatus conveyance symbol 470788
Make a conveyance grumbling
On the off chance that your conveyance is late, absent or harmed we can enable you to make a dissension, and get a clear conveyance date or a discount.
Begin your letter
These principles apply to the two merchandise purchased on the high road and those purchased at a separation e.g. on the web or mail arrange.
They don’t influence the cancelation rights that the Consumer Contracts Regulations accommodate numerous things purchased at a separation, so you could practice that privilege to scratch off in the event that you are burnt out on pausing. See our manual for cross out your request.

2 Already griped? Get a discount

On the off chance that you’ve just grumbled to the retailer and asked it to re-convey inside a sensible time span, and it neglects to do as such, you may likewise scratch off the request and are qualified for a full discount.
Where you do have the privilege to end the agreement for non-conveyance, the retailer should discount you immediately the sum you paid for the products and any conveyance charge you paid.
Despite the fact that there isn’t a particular necessity to do as such under the Consumer Rights Act, it can help you to get a discount, in the event that you can disclose to the retailer in your dissension why this is its last chance to redeliver – why you require the thing expeditiously (if there is a particular reason) and layout that you will consider the agreement at an end on the off chance that it neglects to redeliver inside the sensible time allotment you set out.

3 Made it evident at the time? Get a discount

In the event that you told the provider when you initially requested the merchandise that conveyance inside a specific time period was basic, or you can demonstrate that it ought to have been clear or evident to the retailer that it was basic, at that point you don’t have to give a further chance to convey.
In the event that you need to request a discount in light of the fact that your bundle has still not been conveyed, you will either need to demonstrate that you made it known to the retailer at the season of requesting that the conveyance date or time span was basic, or you should demonstrate this ought to have been clear or evident to the retailer.
When you contact the retailer, influence your conditions to clear. For instance, you may have messaged the organization at the time you purchased your merchandise to clarify that you required the conveyance by a particular date for an imperative event.
The more verification you have that you influenced it to clear that conveyance was fundamental, the better.
The retailer should discount you immediately the sum you paid for the products and any conveyance charge you paid.
In case you’re certain you passed on that conveyance was fundamental at the time you requested your merchandise, utilize our free format letter to assert a discount.


4 Refund for coordinated conveyance
You ought to dependably be qualified for get what you pay for, so in the event that you paid the dealer for a coordinated conveyance and your bundle is late in arriving, you ought to request a discount of the cash you paid for the quicker conveyance.
On the off chance that you redesigned your conveyance from a slower choice, you ought to request the distinction to be discounted.
  5 Get pay
In case you’re sent a planned conveyance distribute turns up late, you’ll be expected pay. This will change contingent upon the length of deferral and the kind of conveyance you paid for.
Check pay privileges and whether you’ll be discounted the full cost of postage and also made up for the estimation of the substance.


6 Don’t need it any longer? Wipe out your request
On the off chance that you cross out your products arrange inside 14 days after conveyance, you are qualified for a full discount.
This incorporates postage, insofar as you’ve picked the slightest costly and most regular conveyance technique. On the off chance that you wipe out your request and you’ve paid for a more costly conveyance, you’ll get a discount for just the slightest costly conveyance technique.
Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you should pay to restore the products to the retailer, and send them back inside 14 days of telling the retailer that you’re wiping out unless the retailer has consented to take care of these expenses or the retailer neglected to furnish you with data that you would need to pay to restore the merchandise.
See our guide on the best way to scratch off an online request for well ordered direction.
How should I contact my courier if my parcel is damaged

Step by step instructions to gripe in the event that you get harmed merchandise in the post

Try not to be palmed off by a retailer on the off chance that you got harmed products in the post. Here’s the lowdown on the best way to grumble and what to request.
In this guide
1 Contact the retailer with confirmation of harm
2 Returning a harmed thing expeditiously
3 Confirm installment for returns
4 Get your cash back for missed planned conveyances
Who is subject if my merchandise are harmed in travel?
In the event that merchandise are conveyed to you in a harmed condition, the Consumer Rights Act makes the retailer in charge of curing the circumstance.
Retailer versus messenger
Regardless of whether it was the dispatch who harmed your products – for instance, by squashing your bundle through the letterbox – you should whine to the retailer, not the messenger benefit.
This is on account of your agreement is with the retailer, who you purchased the products from.
The Consumer Rights Act expresses that the retailer is in charge of the state of the products until the point when they are conveyed to you, so any harm or breakage on the way is the obligation of the them, not the dispatch.
Remember that the retailer is just dependable until the point that the merchandise are conveyed to you, your committed safe place or your designated neighbor.
In the event that anything turns out badly with your bundle and it was left with a neighbor or in a sheltered place that you designated, your rights are reduced.
Make a flawed products dissension
You could be qualified for a repair, substitution or a discount regardless of whether the item is out of guarantee, answer some straightforward inquiries and Which? can enable you to begin your protest for nothing
1 Contact the retailer with proof of harm

When you see there’s an issue, let the retailer know and affirm any discussions in composing – we suggest doing this by email. On the off chance that you have a camera helpful, take photographs of the harm straight away so you have a full record of the issue.
Acting rapidly will guarantee you hold every one of your rights gave by the Consumer Rights Act, specifically the privilege to dismiss a thing. In the event that you purchased your merchandise before 1 October 2015, you have similar rights under the Sale of Goods Act.
Acting rapidly additionally encourages you keep away from a circumstance where a merchant may endeavor to assert that the harm more likely than not been caused by you.
On the off chance that a retailer does attempt and stick fault on you for any harm, the onus is on the retailer to demonstrate this inside the initial a half year of you getting your products.
Regardless of whether you purchased your merchandise on the web or masterminded conveyance in person when you were in store, you shouldn’t be advised to take up your harmed products objection with the messenger organization. Nor should you be informed that you’ll have to assert on the messenger organization’s protection.
On the off chance that your merchandise are harmed amid conveyance, according to the law you have a broken products assert, and in that capacity you have the privilege to a discount, repair or substitution.
You can utilize this letter format to ask for harmed merchandise be repaired or supplanted.
Dispatch benefit protests
In case you’re despondent with the messenger benefit, you could feature this to the retailer when you make your protest to them.
It’s ideal if the retailer manages the dispatch organization specifically about your protest, as the retailer is utilizing the messenger organization to convey the merchandise to you.
On the off chance that you utilized a dispatch organization to send something for you (eg you sent a package to a relative) and it arrived harmed, at that point you should influence an objection to the messenger to benefit as you have an agreement with them to give that administration.

2 Returning a harmed thing instantly

In case you’re at home when the conveyance organization arrives, you’ll generally be requested to sign to acknowledge the conveyance.
In case you’re requested to sign a card or electronic gadget that says you affirm that the merchandise are gotten in great condition, don’t stress, you won’t transfer ownership of your rights.
The retailer can’t inspire you to forgo your lawful rights thusly.
In the event that you can, it’s dependably a smart thought to compose on the card, or electronic gadget ‘products got however not reviewed’ to influence your position to clear.
Check the products as fast as you can and raise any issues as quickly as time permits. This will keep away from issues later, for instance, about whether you have ‘rejected’ products rapidly enough.
On the off chance that there’s a great opportunity to contact the retailer to whine before the conveyance driver leaves, clarify the circumstance and inquire as to whether they need the harmed products sent back with the driver immediately.
This could spare the burden to you, and cost to the merchant, of orchestrating an arrival at a later date.
In the event that you didn’t find the harm until some other time and you’ve reached the retailer as of now to advise them of the harm, you’ll now need to orchestrate how the merchandise will be returned. The retailer can either mastermind products to be gathered or may request you to post them back.


3 Confirm instalment for returns
In the event that the retailer requests that you restore the things (on the premise that they will repay the expenses), get affirmation that the products will be guaranteed against any further harm that could happen.
In the event that this isn’t the situation, affirm with the retailer that they will take care of the expense you bring about in getting sufficient cover from the conveyance organization you use to restore the thing.
Regardless of whether the retailer’s terms and conditions say that things are returned at the purchaser’s cost, this doesn’t make a difference to things that are being returned due to being harmed, flawed, not as portrayed or that are not fit for reason.
You shouldn’t bear the cost of returning products in light of the fact that the merchandise have arrived harmed. The retailer ought to repay you the cost of the conveyance in the event that they request that you restore the things.
Under the Consumer Rights Act and its forerunner the Sale of Goods Act, the dealer must pay for returning merchandise that are defective or harmed.

4 Get your cash back for missed coordinated conveyances

In the event that you paid additional for a devoted conveyance time or date and your merchandise arrived harmed in the post, it sensible to request that the retailer discount you the additional paid for the committed conveyance.
On the off chance that you’ve concluded that you never again need the products, you have rights to dismiss them and get a full discount under the Consumer Rights Act.
Your entitlement to dismiss and get a full discount is dependant on you dismissing the harmed products inside 30 days of the date you purchased your thing.
On the off chance that you are dismissing the thing, you can request to be discounted the full joined cost of standard and committed conveyance.
In the event that you are requesting the products to be repaired or supplanted, you can approach to be repaid for the additional cost brought about by choosing a devoted conveyance choice over a standard conveyance alternative.
Nonetheless, you can’t request the standard conveyance cost to be repaid in case you’re requesting a repair or discount.

The most popular courier companies contact numbers can be found here

XDP contact number and phone numbers details

XDP was shaped in 1995 and has since become the biggest exclusive bundle bearer in the UK, and has manufactured a notoriety for unwavering quality and nature of administration. Contact XDP to find out more information. With a group of more than 500 and with an establishment arrange in abundance of 60 stations across the nation, our notoriety for client centred coordinations has gone from quality to quality. Whatever your business, XDP can suit, be it utilising our bundle benefit, or our committed 2Man group for the bigger things.
You can quickly contact XDP customer service number or get in touch with accounts and billing, just follow this link to find all of the XDP Contact Phone Numbers.

DPD contact phone numbers and customer service details

DPD are one of the largest UK parcel delivery firms and when you are dealing with large cooperations it can often be hard to contact the right department, but also hard to have your issue resolved quickly. To save you time we have put together all of DPD’s contact details, including complaints department, customer service departments and you can even find information about why its important to contact DPD.

The customer service numbers for DPD are regularly updated, so please use this page to find all of the appropriate DPD contact numbers.

DHL contact numbers and customer service details

DHL is one of the UK’s largest courier companies delivering parcels across the whole of the UK and worldwide. Within such a big organisation means they need to have a fantastic customer service team, which they do. DHL’s customer service team is great, and you can contact them to resolve any issues you might have faced whilst using their service. Thats why we have compiled all of the DHL contact numbers here so you can speak with the right department straight away.

Whistl Customer Service Contact Numbers

Whistl is a branch of couriers originating from TNT. They are a rapidly growing courier in the UK with plenty of experience, which gives great customer service.

We have compiled all of the Whistl departments in one handy to navigate page. So if you are looking to make a complaint, start a new order, or for all general enquiries, then we have all of the Whistl contact numbers that you need.

Just click the link above, and you will be able to find all the information and opening hours too.

AnyVan contact number & customer service call numbers

With AnyVan you can send any parcel that fits inside the van. The relatively new company to the UK has had a ridiculous amount of success in its early years which pushed it to the forefront of couriers in the UK. However when sending or receiving a parcel with any company sometimes things go wrong so you need to get in touch with the right department straight away. Therefore we have compiled all of the AnyVan contact numbers all in once place for you so you can speak to the right team immediately.

For any issues with delivery or sending a parcel then you should contact AnyVan via these contact numbers

TNT contact numbers & customer service contact details

TNT are one of the UK’s most renowned delivery companies. They pride themselves on their service, but also their customer service. That is why TNT have set up a free phone number that you can contact them on, which is available 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. We have also gathered the important contact numbers for you and put them all in one place so you don’t have to struggle to find the right department on their website.

Just visit this page to find all of the TNT contact numbers that you need.

Hermes contact numbers for Customer Service & Complaints

Hermes have a long history of delivering parcels across the UK. Sometimes it can be really important to contact Hermes to resolve any issues you are having. It could be that your parcel hasn’t arrived, so you would like to complain. We have pulled together all of the hard to find Hermes contact complaints numbers for you. If you want to start a new order, or simply speak with Hermes customer service department, then we have all of the appropriate contact numbers simply laid out for you to quickly call and be through to the right department.

All you need to do to speak with a representative at Hermes, is to visit this page to find all of the appropriate Hermes contact numbers.

Parcelforce contact phone number and contact details

Parcelforce is a courier that prides themselves on their customer service, so being able to ring them at your convenience is really important. This is where comes in handy, we have pulled together all of the most important contact details all in one handy place so you can phone them and be put in touch with Parcelforce correct department quickly.
To find the contact information for Parcelfore use the following link: Parcelforce customer contact phone numbers.

Handy guide to courier contact phone number rates

0843 and 0845 
phone numbers cost 7p/min service charge, plus your phone company’s access charge, and are not compatible with free minutes.

Calls (in the UK) to 0870 & 0872 prefixed phone numbers cost 13p/minservice charge, plus your phone company’s access charge (set by them), and are not compatible with free inclusive minutes allowances.
0800 & 0808 
(freephone) numbers are generally completely free to call – they have no service charge or access charge and don’t eat into your phone plan’s free minutes allowances.
01, 02 & 03 numbers have no service charge, only a common basic access charge set by your phone company, and are generally compatible with free minutes.