3 Best Ways To Contact British Airways

3 Best Ways To Contact British Airways

Contact British Airways By Phone

0845 682 0192


Calls to British Airways on 03  numbers are charged at a local rate, but are often inclusive in most call packages. Check your provider for details.

To contact a member of the British Airways Customer Service Team, then quickly get in touch by calling 0845 682 0192.

Call this British Airways contact number to resolve queries, make new bookings, discuss amendments and add extras to your existing booking.


British Airways Customer Service Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 07:30 – 22:00

Popular British Airways Contact Numbers

British Airways DepartmentContact Number
British Airways Contact Number0845 682 0192
British Airways Customer Service0845 682 0192
British Airways Free Phone Number0344 493 0787
British Airways Helpline0845 682 0192
BA Helpline0344 493 0787
British Airways 24 Hour Emergency Helpline0845 682 0192
Delayed Baggage Helpline0344 493 0785
British Airways Emergency Number0845 682 0192
Group Travel Bookings0344 493 0765

The Contact Number For British Airways Customer Service

British Airways customer service contact number is 0344 493 0787. This will put you through to a British Airways customer service member who will be able to assist you with your query.

British Airways is one of the worlds largest airlines, and has millions of customers that travel with them every year, therefore its customer service team has to be ready on hand to help.

Because of its size, British Airways have more than one customer service department, so in order to help you contact the right department British Airways have provided several contact numbers which we will highlight below.

British Airways Customer Service Contact Number Search

A simple google search brings up British Airways main contact number which is 0344 493 0787. However when we take a deeper look into their main website, (which can be found here) you are greeted with the following webpage with several customer service departments.

British Airways Customer Service Contact Numbers

If you are going to contact BA, through one of our British Airways customer service contact numbers then British Airways ask is that you have your booking reference ready when you call.

This will help speed up the call so the customer service representative can help you with your query straight away.

British Airways Home Screen Customer Service Departmnets

If we expand the first segment which is labelled “Make a new booking or check prices for flights, hotels, cars or upgrades”, it shows more information including their customer service contact number which is 0844 493 0787.

British Airways contact expanded form

You may notice that this customer service number is actually a pay for number, which means it will charge you 7p per minute. However if you are looking for a local rate British Airways number, you should contact 0344 493 0787. These local rate numbers are normally included in your phone contract packages, but you should check with your provider first.

You can continue expanding these segments, you will uncover the remaining British Airways customer service contact numbers, but to save you time trying to find the right department, we have made a summary table at the top of this page, which will help you easily navigate through all of the customer service departments.

Highlighted British Airways Contact Numbers

British Airways 24 Emergency Contact Numbers

British Airways don’t have a 24 hour helpline, they do have a number available for emergencies and this is 0845 682 0209. Calls cost 7p/min.

If you are calling from abroad, you should dial +44845 682 0209. International charges may apply.

British Airways emergency helpline opening hours:

Daily: 06:00-20:00

Although British Airways don’t have a 24 hour line, they do provide help in emergencies, so don’t hesitate to contact this number if you need assistance.

A helpful guide on how to reach British Airways helpline number can be found in their FAQ’s section of the contact us page here.

We have also put together an in-depth article on the best British Airways emergency helpline numbers here. So if you are in an emergency, you should visit this page.

British Airways Contact FAQ's

For example if your flight is delayed of cancelled, they outline the most important action to take to get your issue resolved quickly.

Take a full look at the British Airways emergency contact page here. But below is a screen grab of the information so you can continue reading about British Airways helpline numbers.

British Airways 24 Hour Helpline Number

If you can think of any way in which British Airways can improve their helpline services, then get in touch with them directly on ba.com.

We have been in touch with British Airways to ask why they haven’t included a 24 hour helpline number available online, if this becomes available we will keep this page updated.

You can find some useful information on what to do if you find yourself in an emergency abroad here.

British Airways Telephone Number

British Airways telephone number is 0344 493 0787. You can use this number to telephone British Airways about customer services related issues and general queries.

When Does British Airlines Open?

The British Airlines main customer service number 0344 493 0787 opens at 6am and close at 8pm Monday to Friday. For more information visit BA.com

Customer Service Opening TimesDaily
British Airways Helpline Opening Times Daily

British Airways New Bookings Number

If you are looking to speak with British Airways about a brand new booking, please contact them on: 0844 493 0787

You can also find many more customer service contact numbers for British Airways on their website:


There is also plenty of information and advice on how to book your holiday online here.

Opening times:
Monday – Sunday 07:30 – 22:00
British Airways Booking Number

British Airways Amend Existing Booking Number

If you are looking to contact British Airways department to amend existing bookings, including hotels, or transfers, then please call the following number: 0344 493 0787

Opening times:

Monday – Sunday 07:30 – 22:00

You can also manage your booking online if you visit your account section like in the below image.

British Airways Manage Booking Online

British Airways Hotel & Car Rental Number: 0344 493 0787

Call an individual from the British Airways Sales Team will do everything in their power to help you.

Phone: 0344 493 0787

Contact Opening times:
Monday – Sunday 07:30 – 22:00

British Airways Car Rental Contact Number


Why You Should Travel With And Contact British Airways

British Airways have been flying for over 90 years.

British Airways commended its 90th commemoration on 25 August 2009. To stamp the event, the British Airways Heritage site was opened on ba.com.

You can take a look at their most recent promotion “Fuelled by love” which really tugs on the heart strings and affirms BA’s dominance in the market. The first thing you want to do is pick up the phone and call British Airways customer service number and book a holiday immediately.

Contacting British Airways has never been as easy, use the phone numbers provided above to get in touch.

You can find more information on why you should contact British Airways here.


Additional contact numbers for British Airways

Get help with baggage carousels

Phone: 03444930787 option 3, followed by option 2

Monday – Friday


To examine your Executive Club account, as opposed to call Customer Relations please contact Executive Club.

To change a booking or activity a discount please call us on the number underneath where a partner will be glad to help.

Phone: 0344493 0787 extension 1

British Airways

 Client Relations (S506)

 PO Box 1126


 UB8 9XS

 United Kingdom

It would be ideal if you quote your ten digit document reference (eg: LHRBA12345)

Help and guidance about lost and harmed stuff

Traveling with a disability

Contact points of interest and opening hours Website and email

Phone: 0344 493 0787

Option 3 (calls to British Airways on this number are charged at local rate)

Every day


In the event that you have a hearing or discourse debilitation:

Phone: 0345 700 7706 (calls charged at local rate)

Every day


In the event that you don’t have telephone you can email British Airways too.

Phone: 0344 493 0787 Extension 3

(calls charged at nearby rate)

Every day


The history behind why you should contact British Airways

Make sure you contact British Airways to get the most of their customer service.

British Airways participated in the outline of the flying machine with Boeing, and is today one of the world’s biggest plane companies.

The Boeing 777 has developed as a success for longhaul business air ship on account of its superb fuel productivity and lodge comfort.

Contrasted with the 777-200, the Boeing 777-300 highlights a more drawn out body, raked and expanded wingtips, another principle arrival equip, fortified nose apparatus, and additional fuel tanks.

British Airways History

Benefits of contacting and flying with British Airways include:

Super calm, super wide lodges with high roofs

Sound and video on request to all seats

Decision of First, Club World, World Traveler Plus and World Traveler

There are plenty more contact numbers for British Airways, but 0845 682 0192 will certainly get you through to the right department.

Contact British Airways Through Social Media

Contact British Airways Via Facebook

Facebook is a great place to get in touch with British Airways. You can find their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/britishairways/.

If you visit their Facebook page and click on “send message” then you will be able to speak with a member of the British Airways customer service team through Facebook

Contact British Airways Customer Service Team Via Twitter

Twitter is another great place to contact British Airways. You can find their tweets below, and if you use the handle @British_Airways then you will be able to contact them through Twitter.


Contacting British Airways through Youtube.

British Airways post some great content on Youtube, there has already been an example on this page above, but you will be able to find the remaining video content through this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSs-N1quBfssFcYyqm6V_oA

As long as you are signed in to Youtube you will be able to post comments, and talk to British Airways customer service.

Contact British Airways Through Pintrest

The way to see British Airways Pintrest page is through here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/britishairways/ they post excellent content, but most importantly, it allows you to contact British Airways.

Using Google Plus To Contact British Airways

Another great way to contact British Airways is through Google Pus, link below.

Make sure you have created a profile, then you can message them directly to be put through to a member of the customer service team. https://plus.google.com/116376189838061347878

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