Megabus Contact Number

The Best Ways To Contact Megabus

Contact Megabus By Phone

0845 682 0183

The best way to contact Megabus is by calling their customer service number 0845 682 0183Calls cost 7p /min plus your company’s access charge.

You should use the Megabus contact number to make a complaint, make a booking, or for general enquiries. Calls cost 7p /min plus your company’s access charge.

Megabus Customer Service Opening Hours:
Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Megabus logo and contact number

Calls to the Megabus contact number (in the UK) to 0845 
prefixed phone numbers cost 7p/min service charge, plus your phone company’s access charge (set by them).

Popular Megabus Contact Numbers

Megabus DepartmentContact Number
Megabus Contact Number0845 682 0183
Megabus Free Phone Number0141 352 4444
Megabus Customer Service Number0141 352 4444
Megabus Complaints Number0141 352 4444

Learning How To Contact Megabus

The Megabus contact number is 0845 682 0183 or the local rate number is 0141 352 4444. This is the main contact number to reach Megabus customer service, who will be able to assist you with all queries.

Upon finding the Megabus contact part of their website, which can be found here. You will be met with the below image, which, to say the least, isn’t ideal.

Megabus Homepage Contact Numbers

The first question many frustrated users must have is ‘where is the contact number?’ which is why we have put the Megabus contact number at the top of this page, so you don’t have to hunt round for it.

You will then have to manually expand each section until you find the right department to speak with, but they have annoyingly hidden the main customer service contact number within the last drop down menu.

Megabus customer service contact number

After finally expanding their final menu the message reads “please contact the Megabus customer service team on 0141 352 444”. It would be simple and save a lot of time if they placed this contact number at the top of the page like many other holiday providers, which you can check out here.


How To Use The Megabus Complaints Contact Number

Following on from the Megabus contact number, the second most popular number is the Megabus complaints number.

The Megabus complaints number is 0141 352 4444.

This is no surprise, as a travel operator in the UK faces many unforeseen circumstances daily which might lead to a delay, or cancelation of a service, which will obviously annoy their customers.

Megabus Traffic Jam UK

A traffic jam, or a severe crash on a major road could have huge implications on anybody traveling with Megabus. But Megabus are aware of this, which is why their complaints number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can contact and complain to Megabus whenever suits you.

Upon searching for the Megabus complaints number, you’d expect to be greeted with the Megabus Website. However, you are taken to a website that is owned by Money Saving Expert. Which tried to charge you 13p /min for a phone call to Megabus.

Which is ironic when their company logo states “cutting your cost, fighting your corner”. Clearly not on this occasion.

Money Saving Expert Tag Line

We will always provide a freephone, or a local rate number where possible, and will provide links to Megabus and other UK companies, to ensure you can call on a number which best suits you. See the image below which shows the local rate Megabus complaints number.

Megabus Contact Freephone Number 0800

What is important to note though, when you are calling the Megabus complaints contact number, that the team will only give you advice on the complaints procedure. As it could potentially be a legal matter, with potential money reimbursements, then all communication needs to be done in writing.

Starting the complaints procedure with Megabus

You can either complain to Megabus by their preferred method which is email, this will also be the fastest way to get your complaint resolved. The Megabus complaints email address is:

Megabus complaints email

Make sure you provide Megabus with as much information as possible relating to your journey and your complaint, so that they can properly track your problem. Don’t forget to put your contact information and phone number on the email so that they can get back in contact with you.

You can find a useful information about how to complain to your coach provider here.

Have You Considered Contacting Megabus by post

The more traditional way of complaining to Megabus is via the post. Again, make sure you fill out as much information as possible in your letting, not forgetting your own contact information.

The Megabus head office address is:

Customer Services,,
Buchanan Bus Station,
G2 3NW,
United Kingdom.

Try Calling The Megabus Make A Payment Number

If you wish to contact Megabus to make a payment, then the best phone number to call on is: 0141 352 4444


Alternative Ways Of Contacting Megabus Through Social Media

The final way to contact Megabus is through their various social media channels. Like most large companies, they are adapting a social first strategy to ensure that whenever a complaint or issue arrives on a social platform, then they are ready to work their PR magic.

Contact Megabus Via Facebook

You can contact Megabus through their Facebook page here: you can follow their page to keep updated with news and offers they have. You can also visit the messaging part of the website, and drop them a personal message incase you have any further questions that this page was unable to help you with.

Using Twitter to Contact Megabus

Twitter is a great platform for social engagement between a brand and its customers. Megabus does this really well, so if you ever have an issues, or just want to contact their customer service team, then use the Twitter handle @megabusuk in a tweet, and they will respond to your question.

Using YouTube as a way to contact Megabus

The Meagbus YouTube channel can be found here:

Although there is no convenient way to message Megabus directly, you can use the comments section to contact Megabus about their content, but also speak with other members of the community, who might be able to share tips and advice on the best way to contact Megabus.

An example of their content can be seen in one of their 2015 videos. If you want to check the comments section for more information on this click the title of the video which will take you to YouTube.

Contacting Megabus Through Pintrest.

Pintrest is an up-and-coming platform for image sharing, and is loved by the traveling/holiday sector as they can share the popular photos that really spark inspiration amongst its followers.

Its a great social platform to get in touch with them, so find more information on it here:

Last but not least – Contact Megabus customer service through Google Plus

Working very similarly to Twitter & Facebook the Google Plus page offers a great place to contact Megabus about any query you might be having. Be sure to check out there recent posts here, and make sure you follow them to keep up to date with their deals and offers.

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