P&O Cruises Free Phone Number

P&O Cruises Free Phone Number

0345 355 5111

P&O Cruises Free Phone Number

P&O Cruises Free Phone Contact Numbers

Although this P&O Cruises free phone number isn’t an 0800 number, this local rate number is the next best thing.

Most calls to local rate 03 numbers are included in call packages, as a part of your inclusive minutes.

If you are unsure on whether this number is free, you should check with your provider first.

P&O Cruises Free Phone Number Opening hours
Monday to Friday – 8am to 8pm*
Saturdays – 9am to 5pm
Sunday – 10am to 4pm

P&O Cruises Popular Free Phone Contact Numbers

P&O Cruises DepartmentContact Number
P&O Cruises Contact Number0845 682 0174
P&O Cruises Free Phone Number0345 355 5111

Why Don’t P&O Cruises Have A Free 0800 Number

The simple answer is P&O Cruises want to make revenue when you call them.

The reality is though, that you are either a current customer, or planning to be a customer, so why do P&O Cruises feel the need to charge customers for their phone calls?

A quick Google Search for “P&O Cruises Free Phone Number” actually brings up the below as the first search response.

PO Cruise Free Phone Number

You can see the 0843 number P&O cruises supply is actually a pay-for number.

That is why we have put this page together, so you can see the most appropriate free phone contact number for P&O Cruises.

Other P&O Cruises Contact Numbers

As you would imagine, P&O cruises have a multitude of contact numbers, not just free phone numbers.

We have actually compiled every single P&O Cruises Contact Numbers here.

On this page you will find the contact numbers for different departments, but some of these are paid-for numbers, and not all of them are free phone numbers.

Here is just a preview of the different contact numbers you will find.

P&O Cruises Contact Departments Free

Contact P&O Cruises For Free Via Email

Calling one of our P&O Cruises free phone numbers isn’t the only way to get in touch with P&O Cruises for Free.

Use the email address: reservations@pocruises.com

Contact P&O Cruises For Free Via Post

Although it may cost you the price of a stamp to send a letter to P&O cruises, if you live in the local area, you could also post it to them yourself for free.

Contact P&O Cruises For Free Through Social Media

A great way of contacting companies today is through Social Media.

The majority of people in the UK have at least one social media account, so its often a simple an easy way to get in touch for free.

Contact P&O Cruises On Facebook For Free

Facebook is a great place to contact P&O Cruises, you can drop them a message, or post something on their wall.

The link to their page is here: https://www.facebook.com/pandocruises/

Tweet @ P&O cruises to get in touch with them.

Twitter is one of the strongest platforms to get in touch with P&O Cruises, as it is a fast and dynamic environment.

You can see their feed below, and make sure you use the handle: @pandocruises


Message P&O Cruises on Google Plus

A great place to contact a member of the P&O Customer service team if you don’t want to use the free phone. https://plus.google.com/+PocruisesAu

These three most popular social media sites are a great way of contacting P&O cruises for free without using the free phone number above.

More Contact Numbers

We find that contacting your holiday provider on the phone is the best way to book your holiday.

Thats why we’ve compiled all of the UK’s largest holiday providers contact numbers so you can easily find the numbers your looking for.