Trainline Contact Number

Trainline Contact Number

0845 682 0202

Calls cost 7p / min plus your company’s access charge. For a toll free number please see the table below.

Trainline Customer Service Contact Numbers

If you are looking to quickly get in touch with Trainline customer service team then you should call on: 0845 682 0202

Use this Trainline contact number to resolve queries, make new bookings, discuss amendments and add extras to your existing booking. 

Calls cost 7p / min plus your company’s access charge.

Trainline Customer Service Contact Opening hours

Monday to Sunday – 8am to 8pm
Trainline Logo - Customer Service Contact Number
Calls to Trainline (in the UK) to 0845 prefixed phone numbers cost 7p/min service charge, plus your phone company’s access charge.

Popular Trainline Contact Numbers

Trainline DepartmentContact Number
Trainline Contact Number0845 682 0202
Trainline Customer Service Number0845 682 0202
Trainline Free Phone Number0333 2022 222
Trainline Head Office Number0203 128 2000
Trainline Complaints Number0333 2022 222
Trainline Booking Number0871 244 1545

What Is The Trainline Contact Number?

The main Trainline contact number is: 0845 682 0202 but there are many more ways to get in touch with Trainline.

You can also contact Trainline on their mobile friendly local rate number which is: 0333 2022 222 but we will take more about the free ways to contact Trainline later.

Trainline make it very easy to access their contact number, as when you make a Google Search for “Trainline Contact Number” then you are greeted with the following search result.

Google Search for "Trainline Contact Number"

You are greeted with their mobile friendly contact number, which is easy to see and call from Google.

One thing you will notice however, is when you try and find the contact number on the Trainline Website you will notice that this is incredibly hard to find.

Below is an image of the Trainline contact page.

Trainline contact page

What we find is a lot of self-navigation FAQ’s, but none actually direct you to a contact number that will put you in touch with the customer service team.

For example, if you click on Customer Service Enquiries, you see the following table.

Trainline customer service

Which is a further onset of additional answers, which ultimately point you in the direction of self help articles, rather than providing you with the appropriate contact number.

We find it really important to be able to speak with a representative at Trainline if there is an issue, which is why we have created this page of contact numbers.

Make sure you bookmark this page, so when you need to contact Trainline in the future, you have an easy reference point to contact them in the future.

We also host a number of other Holiday & Travel contact numbers, so make sure you check out the rest of the website.

Trainline Free Phone Number 0800

The Trainline freephone number is 0333 2022 222 you can use this number to speak with Trainline at a local rate.

Although this isn’t a completely free 0800 number, the 03 local rate number is the next best thing.

This local rate number is inclusive in the majority of call packages on landline and mobiles, but we always recommend checking with your provider first, and if you are unsure there are some handy links here.

This time, when you make a Google search for “Trainline Free Phone Number” you aren’t greeted with the 03 local rate number listed above, instead you are greeted with the Trainline’s hard to navigate contact page.

Trainline Free Phone Number

Which is another reason why we have created this page, so you can find all of the phone numbers for Trainline without having to search.

Even the Trainline blog is fairly unhelpful, you can see by this post when a user asks how to contact Trainline, they provide lots of contact numbers for European departments of Trainline.

How to contact Trainline blog post

In the UK, you are directed to the “contact UK support” webpage, which is simply a contact form, instead of any helpful numbers.

Trainline email form

And after all that, Trainline say they will “aim” to respond within 7 days. So make sure you take note of the contact numbers on this page whilst Trainline are still providing it.

Trainline Telephone Number

The telephone number for Trainline is 0203 128 2000.

We provide the telephone number for Trainline, because when you need to contact the company, it is always best to do so over the telephone.

If you are in an emergency for example you’ve missed your train, the telephone is the perfect way to speak with somebody as they can help you there and then, rather than using online contact forms, which can take too long.

Trainline company information and telephone number

The company information above gives you the Trainline telephone number, so if the situation arises, make sure you give them a call.

Trainline Booking Number

The Trainline Booking Number is 0871 244 1545 you should use thing number if you are wanting to start a new booking, or make amendments to a current booking.

Calls to this Trainline booking number cost 13p/min, plus your company’s access charge, so make sure you check this with your provider before you call.

Trainline do offer several other ways to book tickets, you can book online through or you can also buy tickets on the mobile app.

If you are on an apple device, you can download the Trainline app here.

If you are on an android device, you can download the Trainline app here.

The Trainline app holds your tickets, so there is no need to wait at the ticket machines when you arrive.

Trainline App

Incase there is an issue with your ticket, you can always use the booking number provided above to speak with Trainline about your issue.

Trainline Complaints Number

Although Trainline don’t have a dedicated dedicated complaints number, you can make a formal complaint by calling them on 0333 2022 222.

If you want to keep a track on the complaints process, then Trainline also recommend you send an email using their online contact form. This way all details of the issue are logged for future reference.

Just make sure when you write a complaint that you include your personal contact details otherwise Trainline won’t be able to get back in touch with you.

Complaining to Trainline via the post

Another way to complain, although it may take longer, is via the post.

Their address can be found below, although please note, that this is not their recommended form of contact, so you may experience delays in response.

PO Box 23972,
EH3 5DA,
United Kingdom.

 Again, make sure that you leave your contact information on your post, as this is the only way they can get back in touch with you.

This is also the location that you can send your tickets too if you have a pre-arranged a refund with Trainline.

Contact Trainline Via Email

Although we have already discussed contacting Trainline via their online portal. If you’d prefer to contact them via traditional email, you can use the email address:

Handy guide to Trainline contact phone number rates

0843 and 0845 
phone numbers cost 7p/min service charge, plus your phone company’s access charge, and are not compatible with free minutes.

phone numbers cost 3p per/min service charge, plus your phone company’s access charge. Please check with your provider if you are unsure about call costs.

Calls (in the UK) to Trainline 0870 & 0872 prefixed phone numbers cost 13p/min service charge, plus your phone company’s access charge (set by them), and are not compatible with free inclusive minutes allowances.

0800 & 0808
(freephone) numbers are generally completely free to call – they have no service charge or access charge and don’t eat into your phone plan’s free minutes allowances.

01, 02 & 03 
numbers have no service charge, only a common basic access charge set by your phone company, and are generally compatible with free minutes.

About Trainline And Why You Should Travel With Them

Trainline say the following in their About Us page:

Travel made easy

We sell tickets to customers worldwide, helping our customers make more than 127,000 journeys every single day throughout 36 countries.

Tech innovators

Driven by a brilliant team of more than 500 people comprising 48 nationalities, we are focused on using data, AI, and machine learning to continually innovate and make travel easier.

You can also read more about Trainline here.

Trainline Reviews

Like most travel companies, Trainline have some mixed reviews online.

This is to be expected, as most only review to make a complaint. That being said, Trainline actually have an excellent review score online.

Looking at one of the most popular review sites Trustpilot you can see at the time of writing this, they have a 4/5 star rating, which is really good in the travel sector.

Trainline Customer Service Review Trustpilot

You can click the Trustpilot link above to give you a real time indication on the reviews Trainline have.

Another popular review site is Trusted Reviews on this part of the site, they are actually reviewing the android app.

At the time of writing this, this also has a 4/5 star rating, which is great for a travel app.

Trusted Reviews Trainline App Review

We will aim to keep this page updated if these reviews change in the near future.

If you want to experience the customer service for yourself first hand, then you should speak with a member of the customer service team using one of the contact numbers above.

Contacting Trainline Through Social Media

Social media is becoming a much bigger element to customer service relations, which is why Trainline have invested in social media experts to manage their social media accounts to deal with customers questions and complaints.

This is a trend that we are seeing across the whole travel sector, as people have their mobile phone in their hands as their train might be delayed or canceled, then they need to deal with the issue before it goes viral.

This is why social media can be such a great way to contact Trainline, as they are likely to deal with your issue immediately so both you are satisfied, but also so your friends and followers can also see how well they deal with issues.

You often find that companies like Trainline are sometimes over-generous when it comes to social media complaints, so they seem like a really nice company to deal with.

Contacting Trainline Through Facebook

Facebook is the biggest of all social media platforms, so is a great place to start.

Their Facebook page, which can be found here: has contact buttons, where you can contact Trainline there and then.

Trainline Facebook Contact Button

They will operate in normal working hours, but are regularly manned, so somebody will respond to your query asap.

Using Twitter To Reach Trainline

Twitter although not the biggest social media platform, it definitely has the most impact.

The reason being, is because your Tweets are public. So if somebody makes a complaint towards Trainline on Twitter, then everybody can see it. So Trainline want to resolve this quicker than anything, which is why they will respond to you very quickly on this.

You can find their twitter information here: and their twitter handle is @thetrainline

Using Instagram To Contact Trainline

Although Instagram is famous for glamours pictures, it can also be used to contact Trainline.

Their Instagram can be found here: and has some really inspirational images about traveling.

So if you are in the mood for inspiration, or want to drop them a message or comment, then make sure you do it through Instagram.

Contact Trainline Through Pintrest

Another social media platform that Trainline use is Pintrest.

Again this is primarily for images, you can also message them on here, so make sure you take a look at their current posts here:

Using Google+ To Speak With Trainling

Google Plus is one of the smaller social media platforms, but is growing everyday.

You can find local contact information for Trainline on here, as well as posts you can respond to. So if you are ever looking to speak with Trainline through social media, don’t miss this one out.

Using YouTube To Contact Trainline

Last but certainly not least is YouTube. This is a great place to view their latest TV ads, such as their most recent TV Advert “The Getaway Trainline Advert”.

You can find more information and videos on their channel here:

Although this isn’t somewhere where Trainline recommend you get in touch, you can leave comments and messages, so there is a chance you can speak with them through YouTube.

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