Virgin Trains Contact Number

Virgin Trains Contact Number

0845 682 0204

Virgin Trains Customer Service Contact Numbers

If you are looking to quickly get in touch with Virgin Trains customer service team then you should call on: 0845 682 0204

This Virgin Trains contact number can be used to resolve queries, make new bookings, discuss amendments and add extras to your existing booking. Calls cost 7p / min plus your company’s access charge.

Virgin Trains Contact Number and Logo

Virgin Trains Customer Service Contact Opening Times:

Virgin Trains DepartmentOpening Times
Virgin Trains Customer ServiceMonday to Friday: 8:30am – 8:15pm

Saturday to Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm

0845 682 0204

Calls to Virgin Trains (in the UK) to 0845 prefixed phone numbers cost 7p/min service charge, plus your phone company’s access charge.

Popular Virgin Trains Contact Numbers

Virgin Trains DepartmentContact Number
Virgin Trains Contact Number0845 682 0204
Virgin Trains Customer Service Number0845 682 0204
Virgin Trains Free Phone Number0333 103 1031
Virgin Trains Head Office Number0333 103 1031
Virgin Trains Complaints Number0333 103 1031
Virgin Trains Booking Number0871 977 4222
Virgin Trains Reservations0344 556 5650

What Is The Virgin Trains Contact Number?

The main contact number for Virgin Trains is 0845 682 0204 and you can call this number to speak with a member of the customer services team.

When you do a google search for “Virgin Trains contact number” you are confronted with the following search results.

Virgin Trains Contact Number Google Search Results

What you can see is is the first result, and they are actually promoting their 087 number 0871 977 4222, which is a premium rate, 13p/min number.

Under further inspection, what you actually find is this number is their bookings and sales number.

In most scenarios you won’t want to make a booking, as you can do that in station (station finder), on the website, or via the app, you instead are looking to speak with customer service department, then you should use one of the numbers listed above.

Virgin Trains Complaints Telephone Number

If you are wanting to phone Virgin Trains and make a complaint, you should call on 0333 103 1031.

This phone number will direct you through to the complaints department at Virgin Trains.

Virgin Trains DepartmentOpening Times
Virgin Trains Complaints DepartmentMonday to Friday: 8:30am – 8:15pm

Saturday to Sunday 9:00am – 4:00pm

0333 103 1031

A quick Google Search for the “Virgin Trains complaints phone number” points you in the right direction.

Virgin Trains complaints phone number

Virgin Trains welcome complaints to help improve their service in the future, please bear in mind that some issues are out of the hands of Virgin Trains, and should sometimes be dealt with the train station directly.

What to remember when complaining to Virgin Trains

When phoning Virgin Trains to make a complaint, you should have your booking reference and journey details ready to give the operator over the phone.

This will help the operator locate any issues regarding your train, and be able to assist you with your complaint quicker.

Complaining through the online Virgin Trains form

Like most companies now-a-days they also provide an online complaints form.

Virgin Trains Online Complaints Form

The complaints form asks you the questions you’d expect, asking for details about your journey and what your issue is, and further asks what your personal information is so they can get back in touch.

Although this can be an easy way to get in touch, if you want Virgin Trains to take your complaint seriously and deal with it quickly, then you really need to call using one of the contact numbers provided.

The phones will always be a priority over a contact form, so if somebody else is ringing they will get a response faster than you.

Complaining via post

Although it is certainly the slowest method on this list, a well written and delivered letter can really make your complaint stand out, and make Virgin Trains take notice.

The Virgin Trains head office can be found at the following address:

Virgin Trains
North Wing Offices
Euston Station

Virgin Trains Customer Service Number

The best customer service number for virgin trains is 0845 682 0204 but they also provide a local rate number which is 0333 103 1031.

This number will put you in touch with the Virgin Trains customer service department quickly so they can handle your enquiry straight away.

Virgin Trains Customer Service Number

Virgin Trains Free Phone Number

A popular question people ask is “What is the Virgin Trains Free Phone Number”.

Although Virgin Trains don’t provide a free phone 0800 number, they do provide a local rate 03 number 0333 103 1031 which is charged at a local rate.

So although this isn’t 100% free, most local rate numbers are included in call packages from your phone provider.

You should always check with your provider first however to make sure that this phone number is included in your contract. There is some useful information from Ofcom here.

If you are looking for more information about Virgin Trains and their expansion across the UK, you can read more here on their Wikipedia Page.

Virgin Trains Reviews

You can check out the Virgin Trains reviews on Trustpilot here. As of writing this article they are currently on 1/5 stars.

Virgin Trains Review on Trustpilot

If you want an update on their reviews you should click on the above link to take you directly through to the review section of trust pilot.

Like most customer service departments in the travel industry they have very poor reviews, as most people only write a review when they have something negative to say.

The total number of reviews on Trustpilot is only 515, which in comparison to their millions of customers who travel with them every year is not bad.

Contact Virgin Trains Through Social Media

Social Media is a great way to get in touch with Virgin Trains if you don’t want to use your phone to call them.

Their customer service team actively manage several different social media platforms, most of which can be used to direct message Virgin Trains, so I have posted these below.

Contacting Virgin Trains through Facebook

Facebook is a great way to message Virgin Trains, so if you visit their Facebook page which can be found here.

At the top of the page you can see the contact Virgin Trains button.

Contact Virgin Trains on Facebook

Tweet Virgin Trains on Twitter

You can publicly message Virgin Trains on Twitter, or you can send them a personal message.

Either way, they will get back in touch with you as soon as you can. Just visit Virgin Trains twitter here and you will see either message or Tweet.

Virgin Trains contact information on Twitter

Twitter is also a good place to keep up to date with travel information, so make sure you drop them a follow to keep updated.

Other Social Media Virgin Trains Use

Virgin Trains also use other social platforms to keep in touch with their audience, but are used less for communication, these are:



Google Plus


YouTube is a great way to watch their recent TV ads too, you can check out one of their latest here.

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