Utilities Contact Numbers

Utilities Contact Numbers

Find contact phone numbers, emails and more for the most popular Utilities companies in the UK

This should be your first stop to find the right contact details for the main utilities company in the UK.

You can use these contact details to get in touch with the right customer service department for an effective resolution to any problems you have with billings, meter readings, moving home, renewing policies or reporting an emergency such as leaking pipes or gas leaks.

The most popular Utilities companies contact numbers can be found here

We have compiled all of the hard to find contact numbers for the top utility companies in the UK so you don’t have to crawl through their websites to find the appropriate department, or have to input your details in the contact form, instead you can use the telephone numbers below to contact utilities companies in the UK.

South West Water Contact Number & Telephone Details

South West Water provides drinking water and waste water services throughout Cornwall and Devon and in small areas of Dorset and Somerset.

With all utilities companies there are times that you need to contact them and speak with a member of their customer service team.

You may have an emergency and need to report, such as a water leak, or if you are having problems with billing, or need help with a smart meter installation then look no further as we have compiled all of the right contact numbers so you can get in touch with them quickly and effectively.

You can easily contact the customer service department, or phone the emergency number to give you as much freedom to speak with a real human. Just follow this link to find all of the main South West Water Contact Numbers.

Southern Water Contact Number & Phone Numbers

Southern Water is the private utility company responsible for the public wastewater collection and treatment in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent.

Sometimes it can be really important to contact them regarding your water supply. It could be to do with billing and accounts queries, in which case we have provided the Southern Water contact number for you.

You may also need an emergency number so you can report a leak. Otherwise you may just want to contact customer service’s main number which will be able to handle any enquiry you might have.

Phone calls are often the quickest way to get your issue resolved. You can use our dedicated South West Water page to find all of the Southern Water contact numbers.

There are also handy guides on call rates to these numbers too.

Anglian Water Contact Number & Phone Details

Anglian Water is a water company that operates in the East of England.

They provide water to millions of homes, and their contact centres can often be busy, so we have compiled these hard to find contact numbers to ensure you can speak with the right department first time.

You can contact Anglian Water if you have an issues with your billing or account, to either pay a bill, or to query a charge.

We have also provided emergency contact numbers that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You should use the emergency number if there are any leaks that need reporting.

Or perhaps you are wanting to just contact customer service, then you can find all of the appropriate contact details for Anglian Water here.

Contacting them through this way is always the quickest way to get your issue resolved.

Thames Water Contact Number

If your water provider is Thames Water, you can use this handy page to get in touch with them several different ways.

If you want to report a leak in an emergency, or if you have billing issues, we have provided the right phone numbers you need to call.

So visit the Thames Water Contact Number page in order to find more information about how and when to call them to get your query resolved as soon as possible.